This service and training program enables to provide care and assistance to clients of all ages, and their families. SCMS Practical Nurses tasks composed of assisting clients in activities of daily living, personal care and hygiene, restorative/activation activities and home management activities. These services are provided in homes in the community, in long-term care facilities, and day programs. Typically, SCMS Practical Nurses provide care that clients could be expected to perform by themselves if physically and/or cognitively able. Their activities are supportive and usually non-complex medical in nature. SCMS Practical Nurses have a skill and knowledge level that equips them to provide high quality personal care, supportive care for ongoing conditions and/or cognitive impairments, assistance to the family/caregiver with activities or respite, assistance with medications and caring for palliative care clients and their families. With the aging population and shift to more home based care, the scope and nature of work undertaken by SCMS Practical Nurses is increasing and becoming more complex

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