Maternal and Pediatric Care Services

If you are expecting a baby or have just become a new parent, a maternal and pediatric care service can help identify issues and concerns in your child’s health and development early in life, so that steps can be taken to deal with them.Our Maternal and pediatric care nurses can:

  • • Give information, support and advice on a variety of topics, including child health, development and learning, child behavior, maternal health and wellbeing, child safety, immunization, breastfeeding and nutrition.
  • • Help with sleeping, feeding and behavior problems.
  • • Offer additional support and services to families experiencing difficulties.
  • •Well-baby and newborn follow-up care.
  • •We have experience in providing care and support for children with a wide range of disabilities including:
    • *Autism
    • * Aspergers Syndrome
    • * Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • *Attention Deficit Disorder
    • *Epilepsy
    • *Intellectual Disability
    • *Down Syndrome
    • * Down Syndrome
    • * Progressive Neurodegenerative Disorder
    • *Cerebral Palsy
    • * Microcephaly
    • * Hypertonia
    • * Physical Disabilities
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